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    pro-tec extended steering nozzle

    Hey guys. I am looking to ditch the factory plastic steering nozzle on my 05 gp1300R. After doing some research on here, It looks like the pro-tec is the best for linkage fitment. I like the idea of improving my turning radius on an extended steering nozzle. Pro-Tec offers a +20mm and a +50mm. What are the pros and cons in these two lengths, or any extended steering nozzle for that matter? and which would be best for recreation use in a relatively smooth lake?

    my mods:
    D- plate & chip
    Riva 1200/1300 double bar top loader intake grate (installing asap)
    R&D Pump Seal Kit (installing asap)


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    The longer one makes it really hard to turn, most guys cut them to the same as stock length. And if you are going to do that might as well buy a SHO nozzle and save $100 bucks.

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    I found the SHO nozzle here on the Hulk ... from another rider. I think I gave about $90 ? Not sure. The opening is 90mm veritical & 85mm across horizontally. Seems to do a good job as a OEM replacement for the 1300.

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    Watching with interest for my GP1200R Plastic one on mine is looking a bit "grey" which normally means it is turning brittle.

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    My ski came with an R&D aluminum one... Seems to work just fine and looks really good.

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