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    Question 2000 1200 XL starting issues/ need help/ Relay?

    Hey guys,
    New to PWC's and this forum but i work on sleds and bikes so not new to this kind of stuff. Looking for some advice this thing has me stumped.

    My neighbor was out on this 1200 last year and it just lost power on him in the middle of the river (battery power) No start.. Nothing.

    So we pulled it out this year and started diagnosing. Here is what i have so far tell me what you think.

    Battery has good voltage. Both Kill and tether are functioning. If i hit the start button the display shows Start but does nothing. First thing we tested was Took a jumper from the Pos battery terminal and hooked it to the starter. It will crank right over and start if you hold the start button and give power to the starter.

    So im thinking the starter relay. I opened the Control box and everything looks brand new. I am getting 12v to the battery/constant side but not the trigger side. There is a brown wire that looks like it comes from the CDI. That only gets power when i hit the start button. So i am assuming that is the trigger and when i hook up a test light it only lights up when i push start. So i thought relay. I have a yamaha Vmax motorcycle with the same hitachi relay so i decided to swap them. No change at all so now im lost..

    I also tried to jump the wire from the relay to the starter in case that was bad and it did nothing. What else am i missing here guys. I thought possibly the CDI but if i am getting trigger voltage i am not sure. Battery is a tad low but even with it on a jumper no change. Any thoughts guys? all help is appreciated. Thank you

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    Are you hearing the solenoid click when you hit the start button? if you take the solenoid off and hook up the two smaller wires to a battery, does it click then? If it is not clicking even when hooked to a battery it is definitely bad. May not be the whole problem. But that's a start

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    No click the way it is now. So going to the solenoid there is a brown from the CDI that goes to the smaller terminal and a red that goes to the terminal with constant 12v. So your saying just hook those two up to 12v and listen for it to click right? Ill check that out. But what i find odd is the relay from my bike works perfect and that had no change. Ill give that a shot and post back. Thank you

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    I got it figured out so i will share. Long story short the solenoid on my vmax motorcycle i was testing has the ground tab connected to the small terminal like a bridge so it does not function the same as the watercraft one.

    I pulled yet another relay off my ski doo 550 snowmobile and it has the proper terminals that arent bridged type. She turns right over. So ordering a yami relay and it should be good to go. Thanks for the advise on testing the relay outside the ski. That led me to dig deeper as to why it wasn't working.

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    Glad to help. And glad you got it figured out. Hopefully you can get out and have some fun on it!

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