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    Motor is...was sneezing before it fried

    My 65u has had a sneezing symptom for some time now and finally laid down yesterday (thanks for the tow again Boudin!).

    the symptom has been showing itself for at least the last 10 hours of riding and the day before it fried I had it on the water with the flame arrestors off and was looking down the throat of the rear carburetor when I noticed it would spit gas up at me when it sneezed.

    The carbs were rebuilt before this started, compression was perfect and has been for 10 hrs till yesterday. The day before, i strapped a new set of carbs on to see if the sneeze was due to a leaking needle n seat. Nope! Symptom was still the same.

    If I had to guess, i would say that there is a cracked reed on number 3 allowing air to get forced back at me through the carbs. Or is this just a symptom of unburned gas igniting in the exhaust and causing intermittent mini backfires?

    The exact description of the symptom is this...

    1. It sounds like someone is trying to get your attention with a quick "psssst" sound in a theater.
    2. It spits air up through the rear carb ONLY.
    3. The ski lurches when this happens

    Any Eye-deee-ers of what to expect to find?

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    IMO reeds leaking

    been there before

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    That's "bad karba".

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    Haaa! before anyone tries to steal that, Boudin and I decided this ski is getting that stickered on the back

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    it's a Boudin original.

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