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    New to this forum and was looking for some help on a 2004 KAWASAKI STK-12F

    First, I couldnt find a place where I could ask about purchasing, so I hope I don't upset anyone here...

    The link below, is the Kawaski I'm referring to. What should I look for when I go see it? What is a good price to offer?

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    Compression and condition of prop.

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    Don't buy without riding it. Price looks fair.

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    Looks ok. Inspect it very good. Make sure it starts. Compression check. If all are within 10% you should be okay. Take a flashlight to look up the pump. Look for dings in the stator(fins that direct water flow). Impeller clearance is usually best visible looking up in the pump from under the ski thru the grate. The hulls on these are very strong and usually no issue there.
    General condition of engine compartment. Ask why he's selling?
    These are great ski's. Very durable/stable/55 mph, decent fuel economy, reliable. I ran 10-40 full synth in mine (Mobil 1) and premium though it is not a must but I do because the compression on 12F's is high. I ride mine 80% ocean at 200 hours now. Great ski.

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    Check the HIN. That looks like an 03'. 2004's started the newer body style. Do some research here on 03's (first year for the 15F)... you'll want to get smokeysevin to reflash your ECU.

    Do a compression test AND a leak-down test, and check/change the pump bearings (you'll need to pull the pump). If you can't do all that before purchase, take it for a test ride and if you can hit mid-50's, you are probably good... but still make the pump maintenance and ECU your first order of business.

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