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    Riva SCOM Installation Question On 310X SE

    Has any any one installed one of these on a 310? Was it difficult? I am looking at the instructions for 300x (As 310X is not available online) and wonder why cut and splice the buzzer wire for the hot lead, when you could just use a quick splice connector eliminating the need to permanently cut the wire. I think this would be a better route for warranty concern if you ever needed to remove it.

    Quick connect I am referring to --->

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    The 310 SCOM unit installs easier than the old version 300 unit. You do not need to splice any wires. Installation is done by plugging in the SCOM to an existing plug behind the storage hatch access panel. Then, you need to remove one of the connector pins on the stock ECU plug & install the one from the SCOM in it's place. (not a big deal - easy to do) Installation is really easy, should not take you any more than 15 minutes.

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    Yep they must have copied R&Ds prototype version that's been rather successful,very few issues maybe just getting that slightly thicker SCOM wire into the connector sometimes..

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    Cool, that's good to hear. Thanks for the info.

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