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    new audio setups?

    well since my last post got deleted for no reason ill make this new one,any new audio options out for a 07 rxp?i tried the soggy dog but could even get them to fit,what good options are there that dont involve cutting holes in the hull.

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    Hello blklightning00, I think you may want to checkout this rider. He has & sells for a cool company a very dope sound system for skis. I am sure he can hook you up. his name is Ryan O'Hara, he is the Lucus Oil ski race champion for 2012 & 2013. I have seen his sound setup ..... very sweet. His phone number is 913-271-8404 Tell him Steve from the Ozarks told you.
    Good Luck, and let us know how you make out.

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    Want to sell me your soggy dog setup??

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    Thanks OzarkYamMonster i sent him a text but no reply yet,and

    that was a few years back and i returned them for refund

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	353855I made my own 4inch Pyle marine speakers and the backing is lexan cut to fit . Sounds better than it looks . Can hear it loud and clear at 35mph with a tdr waterbox

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    that looks good GoneRXT but im not good with making something like that lol

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    I gotta have JAMS for my next boat..........PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    think im gonna go bluetooth speaker route

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    I couldn't get anyone two respond to my stereo thread. My stuff is all in the mail now, this is what I went with-
    Kicker px100.2
    Bluetooth 12v dongle
    poly planer 3" speakers

    Two things I'm thinking about adding are a 6" bass tube, and a Bluetooth watch so I can control everything without having my phone out.

    I used a ecorox speaker on a gopro a gopro mount last year and it's only good for when stopped.

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