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    '96 SeaDoo XP in truck bed?

    Hello all!
    I joined the forum when I got my first two SeaDoo's last year. I bought a '95 SPX AND '95 XP. They were a little rough so I ended up selling them both and bought a really clean '96 XP 800. We were towing it and my sons JS 550 stand up around on a tandem Zieman trailer. We just bought a new boat. Got a 24' Emiminator on an Extreme custom trailer. So, Now we have a real "first world problem"! I'm trying to figure out how to get all of our lake toys to the lake. I was thinking about making a bracket that bolted to the underside of the boat trailer, on the starboard side (where the trailer gets narrower) that would have two bunks for the standup ski. I was thinking that I could get my '96 XP into the bed of my truck. Oh, we also have two kayaks, but those are easy. I'll just put a rack on the truck. So, I have considered purchasing a Shadow Trailer
    Ive also considered building something similar out of a purchased bigger boat trailer. I have a full metal fabrication shop available. But, before I got too v
    complicated, I wanted to see what you guys do? Anyone have a SeaDoo X4 size ski in the bed of their truck? Truck is a Dodge MegaCab, leveling kit w/ 35's and air bags. I don't really want to mount a bed mount crane in my truck, though it would probably make it easy. I do have a big engine hoist that would make short work of loading it at home. Need to figure out a somewhat easy way to launch/retrieve the SeaDoo from my truck bed.

    thanks for your help everyone!


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    I have seen ramp/cart with a winch systems people have made before. If you don't mind spending the money, look into the truck bed mounts with hydraulic platforms for snowmobiles and mod it to work with skis. That would be pretty awesome.

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