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Thread: Sticker Removal

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    Sticker Removal

    Heat gun or Hair Dryer
    Goo gone or equivelant

    Take the hair dryer and really put it close to the corner of one of the stickers and hold there for 15 seconds (if its a heat gun you may want to be careful because plastic can obviously melt). After that keep the heat source there but back it off and dig under one of the corners with your fingernail. Once you get a corner up work on getting an entire shorter side up. It is very easy after this point. Once the side is up just pull out (at a 90 degree angle away from the ski). If you peel the sticker back it will leave residue. Don't be afraid to pull quickly these stickers are tough. Once the sticker is off put goo gone on a rag and rub briskly until all residue is gone. Viola!

    Don't use a scraper of some sort it's unnecesary and scratches things.

    Good luck.

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    Alternately, to mix work with pleasure; when on the water in the FL sun, get a finger nail under and edge of the sticker and do the same thing. I removed the large seadoo stickers on the sides of the hull and a bunch of other hokey looking stickers this way

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