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    Looking at buying a 2007 VX Cruiser

    So I have been looking for a jetski for this upcoming summer. Everyone has said Yamaha is easier to deal with all around than a seadoo. I am a DIY guy and like to work on my own stuff, and it sounds like Yamaha is the way to go if you are this way. I could a 2007 VX Cruiser that looks to be in great shape on craigslist. Talked the guy down to $3500. It has around 120 hours on it, and was serviced for the winter.

    1. Is this a good deal?
    2. Why get a Yamaha, why get a VX cruiser?
    3. What do I need to check for when buying it?
    4. I want to get a hydroport. Because of how long this thing looks, I'm worried about it fitting. Will it fit fine on the original hydroport?

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    1. Sounds like a good deal if it includes a trailer, but depends on your location, and the shape of the ski.
    2. The VX is a reliable, fuel efficient, entry level 3 person ski. The ride is "sporty", so a little bouncy and wet compared to larger skis. It comes in 3 flavors: Sport- very basic model, Deluxe - More bells and whistles, and the top tier Cruiser - has the contoured seats, more electronic gizmos, etc.
    3. Best way to check any ski is to ride it. The VX should hit somewhere around 52 mph at 8000 rpms. If it does, then the engine and pump are in good shape. Short of a test ride, it is much more difficult to tell if everything is OK. A good looking low hour ski that has been improperly stored, may have a cesspool inside the engine. I would at least make sure it starts and runs on the hose. Look for signs of corrosion. A compression check is not a bad idea, but not real easy on this model. If you know nothing about skis, I'd let a qualified mechanic check it out before you buy if you can't ride it.
    4. It will fit fine on a Hydroport.

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    That sounds like a fair deal. Why get a Yamaha VX? - So you can have a reliable ski to spend more time on the water than wrenching and have excellent "hourage" per tank of fuel. Besides, they are easy to maintain. The 120hrs is nothing.
    I know I enjoy my 07 VX in Lake Michigan

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