Hey Kawai guys, I wanted to see if anyone is interested in helping the FICHT community in some software development.
I'm a Polaris guy, with some DI FICHT engines, and we are trying to come up with a DIY solution for programming injectors to an EMM.
If you want to help out, or just see where things stand, here is the thread - http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=229156

If you know how to reverse engineer software, that would be a HUGE help also.

So far I have captured some of the data to and from the EMM and will be trying to sort and map it all out. It can be done, someone already has, but he has a made a business of it, and I don't suspect he will share any info.

Also I'm a bit ignorant on the Kawasaki DI offerings - what skis had the FICHT fuel injection?