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    yamaha vx 110 won't start

    Hey,i have vx 110 with 700hrs on engine.Now the problem is that he starts only with throotle and if i let go throotle it turns of,when he is running its running bad,white smoke, twitching, discomposedly working,everything was ok last summer and on end of summer i put it in my garage,last week i went to start him a little bit but it won't,please help and sory for my bad english

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    White smoke may indicate water in the system. White smoke may indicate a serious problem with the engine (blown head gasket or worse). I'd pull the plugs turn the engine over and make sure there is no water in the system. While you have the plugs out, check the compression on each cylinder.

    Blue smoke is oil, and it is very easy to overfill the VX with oil if you are not careful. It will also run like crap if it is overfilled with oil. Check the oil tank and look for milky looking oil which would indicate water in the system. If there is water in the oil, this is another sign that you have a serious problem. Check the oil level. A cold VX engine will show very little oil on the dip stick. If the oil level is overfilled, but looks good otherwise, you may need to replace the plugs and air filter. Excess oil will foul the plugs and saturate the air filter.

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    Thank you on answer but i tink there is no water in system because he stayed in dry garage,i m thinking maybe the valves sting a little bit of moisture or somehow.

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    I have to agree that white smoke usually indicates water. We don't know where you live so could it have been a reasonably cold day and the hot exhaust was just condensing when hitting the cold air? You say it's running bad. I'd do a compression test to eliminate stuck valves, blown gead gasket, etc., as mentioned. If all is good, then look towards a fuel problem being that you say you need throttle to get it to start and it stops when the throttle is let off. Again, don't know where you live but we have alcohol in our gas in the US. It attracts moisture and can make for problems.

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