This post will have lots of stuff in it, some is still new in package and other stuff is slightly used. IF it is NEW, the item will say NEW next to it. All used parts will be a make a reasonable offer, New stuff will have a price next to it.

1996 GSX pump support--NEW-- $35.00

Engine building pads--used to cover crankcase openings when installing piston needle bearings

Primer Kit--Primer pump only--No hose or fittings

DESS Keys-(5 of them)

Non DESS Key-(1 of them)

Misc thickness 720CC cylinder base gaskets

947 Jet Pump Oring--Goes around pump between pump support

785 Exhaust pipe to Exhaust Manifold gasket--NEW--420931503--$10.00

Siphon Bilge and water inlet fittings for 2 stroke pump---Metal---$10.00

785 Waterbox Regulator

Seat Latch

947 Oil pump gear

580 Rotary Valve cover--I think, might be 650

204470079--1997 Speedster/Challenger Tachometer--NEW--$100.00

SBT 947 exhaust diaper kit with all hardware and diaper

219900831--1997 GTI Sea-Doo Sticker(under rubrail)--NEW--$10.00

Misc Outer Wears--2 white, 1 black--White ones should fit 947 carbs

947 Carb base gaskets(2)

296000289 Choke Cable--Part number is on cable, but per BRP it doesnt exsist??? Not sure what it fits.

420815100 785 RFI STD Piston Ring--NEW--$25.00

420831550 785 RFI Head Oring--between head and head cover--NEW--$5.00

293830065 947 exhaust pipe bushing--(4--1 pack)--NEW--$5.00

278001260 947 STOCK air intake isolator--used on the plastic air horns--NEW--$5.00

293300023 720 Rotary Valve cover O-ring--NEW--$7.00

420815080 785 RFI Piston Ring--Standard Bore--NEW--$10.00

274000114 720 Exhaust pipe bushing--NEW--$3.00

211300025 947 Exhaust Manifold Stud--NEW--$2.00

(2)--2 stroke fuel filters--For the spin on fuel bowl--NEW--

291000919 947 Hood Shock Bellows--NEW--$7.00

293720052 947 Airbox lower grommet (for starter bracket)--NEW--$2.00

293200065 720, 785, 947 Jet pump front double lipped seal--NEW--$8.00

293720017 2 Stroke hood grommet for electrical wires--NEW--$3.00

219901589 GTX RFI Hood Decal--Green--NEW--$10.00

204620063 98-03 Speedster Glove Box Latch Kit--NEW--$175.00

290860680 Mat for Magneto wires on 2 580/650/720--NEW--$7.00

420932797 785/RFI Rotary Valve Shaft Crankcase bearing--NEW--$10.00

(2) 3 wire DESS Posts--Not sure what they fit, were taken off scrap skis

WSM 580-785CC Jet Pump Bearings

MPEM Fuse Cover

VTS Nut and Spacer

If you want something, please respond via email to: [email protected]

I can take pics if required..

Thanks for looking