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    RD air filter worth it on a 2007 VX Cruiser?

    I just bought a 2007 VX Cruiser, and doing maintenance on it for the summer here soon. (Oil, plugs). How much benefit do I get from a RD air filter?

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    None on a stock VX.

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    No performance difference. I think they are a little less in cost than factory oem. They are washable, so if you happen to overfill the oil tank and suck some oil into the filter box, you can wash it out rather than throw it away.

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    After my OEM filter was oil soaked, I ran without a filter for awhile. Ended up purchasing RD filter because I could wash it if it would ever happen again. I finally installed it with a ribbon delete. If your air filter is good, I wouldn't bother with it. I'd put the $ elsewhere on Basic maintenance - plugs, oil, filter, and the checks of hoses, linkage, battery, etc ..just my 2 cents

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    What mwend said. I did the same on a 2011 VX I owned. Forget trying to make it faster. Without throwing hand over fist of money, you're better off trading in on something thing capable of more speed. Now for what a VX does do it does damn well! I miss the simplicity.

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