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    Woke up to RXP beeping

    Sometime between midnight and 430am my 2004 RXP decided to come alive with no DESS lanyard in sight.. I woke up and it was beeping as if the lanyard was on the post, I looked and the gauges were on. I was in a hurry to get to work so I didn't check if it would start or check anything else, just disconnected the negative terminal of the battery and left. I put the battery in Thursday night, it sat until Saturday morning when we took it out all day, no issues until this morning. I've googled and searched for DESS issues but mostly find issues where there's no start or a different number of beeps, or no beep. Any suggestions for one beeping with no lanyard? Appreciate any input!

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    I'm home now, connected battery and nothing came on or beeped without the key.. So I plugged the key on and off several times, and started it up once. Once I remove the key, I would hear strange noises coming from the fuse area under the front storage.. And a click as if the fuel pump or something was trying to come on. I lifted the seat and would also hear a buzzing/clicking type noise near the electrical stuff near the throttle body. Then I notice the gauge reads SENSOR at first, and my VTS doesn't work.. Not even the VTS indicator. There's also a depth finder reading on the gauges. I googled and saw that something caused the system to go back to GTX software, and the dealer can reset it.. But what causes this? Is all of this related to it coming on by itself last night? We did have heavy rain all day yesterday, could moisture have gotten into something? I'm clueless on where to begin now..

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    disconnect the post, sounds like the magnetic reed switch failed. if the behavior continues, the check all the big pin connectors on the ski.

    I recently had an odd problem with a the twobeep-long beep and sensor after I wrote some keys to it. turns out the fuel tank was dead empty and for some reason the low fuel warning was not being displayed. Weird stuff for sure.

    Just read that the ecu can lose memory if unpowered for long periods ( don't really buy that BUT-. I guess it uses a super capacitor to hold it's memory, and on these ten year old skis, the charge isn't holding long enough. I would have assumed the ecu uses flash memory, which is retained when all power is lost.

    you have all sorts of electrics that make noise in there, air valve, tops vale and so on.

    if the vts is out you need a dealer or somebody with a candoo or similar product to reactivate that feature.

    Has the battery been out of the ski for a long time?

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    I had the battery in it up until about a week ago, I took it out to put it on the trickle charger just to be sure it was fully charged before taking it out. It started up fine every time before taking it out, all day on the water, and when back home flushing it. VTS and gauges were normal, so it's strange that it all happened while just sitting a few hours after everything was fine.

    Where is the easiest spot to disconnect the post? I connected the battery around 5 hours ago and it hasn't beeped or anything, I figured I would wait and see if we heard it all afternoon and disconnect it before going to bed.

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    Mine did the same thing, replaced it last week but haven't tested it yet.....I would go with a bad DESS post that is intermittent.

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