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    MFD display on Pro 1200 does not work

    Hello everyone, My 1200 PRO display is dead, i'm going to check the fuse and disconnect the batt for a few minutes tonight, are these hard to troubleshoot/find/ replace ??

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    There is a fuse for the MFD display, it is located inside the electrical box. It is a specific rating, replace only with another 1/4 Amp glass fuse.

    There is a separate much shorter fuse on the terminal board just for the bilge pump. Do not confuse these two fuses.

    To check the MFD fuse gently remove it from the terminal board, then test it with a multi-meter. The fuse should measure zero ohms from need to end. Sometimes the fuse can measure OK on the meter but still not be good when installed.

    Disconnect the battery before opening the electrical box.

    See my signature links for more info regarding the MFD and replacement fuses.

    The Pro 1200 uses an unusual version of the MFD display. These 'fast trim' MFD are harder to find replacements for.

    If the display still does not work after checking or replacing the fuse, more diagnostics will be necessary.

    Does the display show any signs of water or condensation inside the display.

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