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    2001 Virage TXI-no start???

    Cranks over but will not start. Battery shows plenty of amps. If this is a crank sensor where would I get one? How to verify what the issue is?

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    Do you get an rpm reading on the display? That will tell you if the cps is working.

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    Have you done all the normal DI checks? 22+ volts on the injector wires while cranking, 10.6+ volts on the battery *while* cranking?
    Tried removing the TPS?
    Do you have fuel pressure?
    Are you getting spark? (Spark tester can be had from Harbor Freight for $5)

    I'd check with all of those before I started looking at the CPS. Those can, but rarely do fail unless you had a catastrophic failure of your flywheel magnets.
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    Well both boats needed new batteries, so once I did that, I just took them to the shop. Past my level of expertise and I'll do better on focusing on what I do I suppose.

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