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    Gallery: AJSP OZ Surf Slam Freeride

    Is it too late for 8? That is, as in eight IFWA World Championships.

    That was the question some were thinking when Pierre Maixent graced the shores of Alexandra Headlands in Australia. The seven-time world champ was here for one reason: to reclaim the world’s number one spot. The IFWA’s first round was at a brand new location in Australia his year, the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. A town with a holiday atmosphere and and relaxed vibe, the Sunshine Coast is a perfect place to hit the surf and really enjoy what freeriding is all about.

    The Sunshine Coast Jetski Club is the local organization that put on this awesome event with Matty O’Conner and Jason Barry as the main people involved in bringing the international JetSki world to Oz. Every year, for the past 4 years the Sunshine Coast has held the AJSP Surf Slam Oz. It’s a fun event with no real competition except some of the usual Biggest air, Best 180, Sickest trick and let us not to forget, the “Dash for Cash.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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