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    Did you pay freight?

    Just curious - Did you pay Freight and Dealer prep when you bought your ski? I was just looking over paperwork last night from my ski's I bought in July last year - was curious if in the future that can be negotiated? I feel my deal was fair - not great.

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    At the end of the day it does not matter... The total price you pay is key. That being said if the fees and ski price exceed msrp I think the dealer is getting the good end of the deal. Really a lot of factors involved but for the most part people are paying total less than msrp. The one exception might be the spark...
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    You should negotiate using out-the-door price. That's the best way to comparison shop. I have seen a large dealer in Georgia list their high end skis 1k less than anybody else. When they added up all their random crap including freight it ended up being 1k more than the lowest bid I found.

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