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    2003 gtx 4 tec non sc water in oil...

    2003 gtx 4 tec non sc water in oil...

    Ok so 1st I just bought the ski don't really know much history, but here is what I know..

    186 hrs
    --reason for ski coming off what is pump bearing blow(pump and shaft where out for a good amount of time)...
    --sat for about two years.
    --when I pick it up it was on a double trailer with plugs out and drive shaft hole open(really)
    --starts right up but milky oil
    -- changed oil twice w new filter (both times dry run no hose or lake water)

    The part that gets me is the oil isn't even getting better almost seem worse I can't even run motor with oil cap off without it spitting out milky oil.

    Test that I have run:
    10psi coolant pressure test holds fine for 40 mins
    so that should eliminate oil cooler cracked and water pump seals RIGHT or any closed loop leak at that RIGHT????
    pulled intake
    intake valves were pretty clean for sitting for 2 years box was dry (very light rust on seats but nothing to scare a guy..

    My guess for where the water in oil came from is the hull filling up with water to the pto exit hole on the back of motor because of no drive shaft, but you would think that is a small amount of water if any??

    Does anyone else have any ideas???

    I am going to do one more oil change, but this time I am going to pull front drain plug over night and change filter and see if this improves the milky so I can run it on the lake to burn of water in oil!!

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    You need to do the boil out steps to remove all the water in the engine.

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    I understand that but it seems to be to much water?? why is there no front drain plug on the 02 gtx??

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    I had a customer come in once because his ski wouldn't turn over. Come to find out he ran it on the hose to flush the salt, and turned the ski off, went inside to eat then turned the hose off an hour late . It took 4-5 oil changes then the boil out followed by another oil change.

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    I am up and running.. I ran it for an hour with the oil cap off and changed oil and it was clear as day..

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