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    Cool Polaris slt 700h-first ski and a project

    Picked this up for what I think was a good deal.
    its a 1999 polaris slt700h
    I went in completely blind and just bought it as is where is.

    Trailer has a good bit of rust on the bottom and is pretty unsafe for the road. But that's another story.

    This is my very first jet ski. Never had one. Never rode one.

    The jet pump is taken out because owner said it sat on a boat lift above salt water and it froze up so he took it off to free it up.
    Prop looks decent. Bearings are free but ill probably get new ones anyways while its apart. Anything I should look at/check (remember I'm a complete noobie to skis!)

    First thing I wanted to do when i got it home was make sure the engine ran-battery was completely flat so I jumped started it.
    Soon as I hooked jumpers up the dash light up-red light kept flashing and dash flashed "fuel" and "0"
    The mode and set buttons on the display didn't do anything (was hoping to see how many hours were on it)
    anyways-it started up and runs decent (only ran it a few seconds since hose wasn't hooked up)
    dash read engine rpm at 1500-1700 idle. And eventually the red light stopped blinking! Still buttons didnt function.

    Before i bought it I asked the guy if there's a guy-he said no the lanyard clips the key-that doesn't seem right??
    There's a switch on the front below the handles that looks like a key but its non removable that says on and off that doesn't seem to do anything at all? I thought it was to switch the dash and stuff off but it doesn't so anytjing that I noticed.

    My main questions.
    What's that on/off switch do?!
    does the dash remain on ALL the time?
    how do I tell how many hours are on it?
    when inspecting the jet pump-anything to look for?
    When rebuilding-anything else I need to buy? Or do?

    Im sure ill have more questions as I go along!
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    Probably the best place to start is with my signature links. Click here.

    If the Mode button on the MFD display does not work, even when you press firmly, then there is no way to see the engine hours. The MFD display keeps track of engine running time. It is common for the hours counter to spontaneously reset to zero when the battery gets weak so often the hours number is wrong and much lower than actual.

    The displays can be repaired if the digits become faint.

    With these really old watercraft the engine hours is not actually very useful anyways. The actual condition of the engine and everything else is determined mostly by the maintenance and conditions it was used and stored under.

    Salt water is hard on everything. Do not assume anything is good until you have inspected, rebuilt, replaced or cleaned it.

    There is a jet pump section in my links that describes how to rebuild the jet pump. Do the through-hull bearings and seals too.

    The On-Off knob is the fuel selector valve.

    There is no key, just the safety lanyard.

    See the MFD info in my links. The red light flashes each time the display wakes up from sleep mode. It is normal for the clock to always be visible when the display is sleeping.

    If there is a warning the red light will flash and there will be a text message on the display. The red light just tells you to read the warning message.

    Jump starting the engine carries risk of damage to the watercraft electronics. Not always, but often enough to be warned.

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    Thanks! That actually helped a lot!
    Ill check out your sigs links.

    Assuming the fuel selector is just like a petcock turning the fuel flow on and off?

    The display on the mfd is nice and clear-the buttons just didnt seem to work.

    The ski looks I actually be in pretty decent shape-it was last registered in 2010 so its been out of commission a while now.
    Inside the hull there's some sitting water I assume From it sitting out in the rain.
    I pushed the button on the bars to turn the bilge pump on but I didn't hear it kick on.

    Couple more questions-the throttle is like a bicycle brake lever, it has a really light pull. And I checked the linkage under the seat and it seems the linkage the cable hooks to has a lot more motion to go before its "full throttled"-so I think it needs adjusting?

    How do I do an oil change/check the oil level on this thing?

    Ill look into your jet pump rebuild and ill be ordering up the parts tomorrow. Hopefully have this thing running soon!

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    This is a 2-stroke engine. There is no liquid oil inside the engine, beyond a thin oily coating on the crank case insides.

    There is an external oil tank. As the engine runs oil is slowly pumped from the oil tank into the air intake throats of the carburetors, where it dribbles down into the crank case through the reed valves.

    The dribbled oil then swirls around inside the engine where it lubricates the moving parts. Eventually the oil list gets carried with the air flow into the combustion chamber where the oil and gasoline are burned to produce power.

    Check that the oil pump and oil tank are still intact and actually hooked up. Sometimes the oil pump system is disconnected and the owner must then mix oil with the gasoline in the fuel tank. This is called pre-mixing the oil. You need to know which method your engine is configured for.

    It is critical that the engine continually receive a feed of fresh oil. It does not need or use a lot of oil overall, but zero oil will quickly result in a damaged engine.

    Dont be in a huge hurry to 'get it on the water'. Take the time to work through all the inspections and maintenance stuff. The only thing that will make it reliable is you making it reliable.

    Done properly, you will know it is going to run well and be reliable for a long time. Getting stranded out on the water is no fun and can be genuinely dangerous.

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    Okay I wasn't sure if there was a crankcase with oil in it like a 2 stroke dirt bike (didnt think so but wanted to be sure)

    The oil tank Is there and full of oil. Looks to be hooked up-but unknown if it actually works (I sure hope so because I was running the engine!)

    I should state-I'm not new to working on engines or 2 strokes-I have a bit of mechanical knowledge but I far from an expert as well.

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