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    Partsfish 2014 ECU part number bad and replacement

    Not sure why Kawasaki could not pull this up???? I am calling my dealer back in the morning and tell him to look at these part numbers and call Kawasaki again. Clearly there is a issue...

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    I agree I would do the same and not let up on them. Like I said earlier my dealer was no questions asked and had the new one pretty quickly. Hopefully they will get you right.

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    Not sure why I am having to do this research. Kawasaki should have been on it when the dealer called.

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    Thats if they dealer actually called kawi...I bet they just looked at a recall list.

    and said nothing here...

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    I think they did call. He wanted to just order the ECU and I could bring the ski to get it swapped once it got there. Kawasaki wouldn't go for that???

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