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    Hey guys sure this has been asked already so if it has point me in the right direction and a mod can delete this thread. But here is my question was going to have my dealer do the inspection and service for me but i realized that my spark is already out of warranty so the only reason i was going to let them over charge me for a oil change is gone...."didnt want doing the work myself to void the warrany" So what type of oil and oil filter is the best for my pwc, its the 3up. And once 50 hrs rolls around "im at 45 now" How do i remove the service engine message?

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    If you have the Vtec tun box you reset maintenance light yourself

    I buy a real oil filter from a local dealer, your dealer should sell just you the filter.
    I use as recommended in the manual

    engine oil is not available, use
    5W40 or 10W40 API SERVICE SN synthetic oil

    NOTE the (SN) is the quality of the oil so have a good look around as there are lots oil out there that have the specs but not the rating

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    you'll need a code reader like a candoo you can reset the service warning. $400 for 4 different skis. Vtech is a performance tool and about twice the price for a single ski license ( hardware and software)

    A good shop should read your ecu, provide a engine report and reset the service nag for anywhere from zero to fifty bucks typically. I do it as part of every engine service, free.

    I'll only reset a service nag on a walk in "reset this for me" if there is evidence that the oil was actually changed recently.


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    Cool thanks guys I'll do this oil change and inspect and keep my receipts and have the check engine light removed this time then buy the sooner soon as I can. One last thing will the ski be driveable when service light is on or will it go into limp mode? Suck to be way out in the lake when it hits 50 hrs lol.

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    the service nag is just that..a nag..will not limp the engine. If it did limp the engine for a timed service reminder, the FTC would be all over that in a flash.

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    Thats good to know lol like i said suck to be way out and time it wrong to be back in lol.

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