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    Very tight steering on brand new ski

    We have a 2014 GTI 130 and loved it. We bought a 2015 GTI 130 SE. When we picked it up we noticed the steering felt very tight. I mentioned it to the sales guy and he sent a tech out to look at it. Initially he thought we may need to replace the steering cable if it didn't work itself out after some use. We put an hour on the ski and both decided it was way too tight.

    We took it in and they called today saying they'll have to rebuild the entire steering system and it will take weeks to get the parts in. Anyone heard of this happening before? Naturally, we are not pleased. The dealer is going to contact BRP and get back to us.

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    More than likley the lower steering bushing under where the steering cable is mounted is tight. Usually a little lube sorts it out.

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    Shouldnt take more than 3 or 4 days to get the parts unless they are back ordered from BRP.

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