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    250x supercharger rebuild questions. newbie. please help!

    hi guys,
    im here in the Philippines helping a mate out with his 250x.
    a 'local' mechanic has pulled apart the supercharger and given up on it so my mate asked me to help out.
    The impeller has a 1" round slice of rubber missing and it looks like other bits are about to de-laminate. it feels like the bearings in the end where the gear drives are are have play, however they havent been removed.

    my question is is there anyone that can send me a rebuild kit, including impellers/bearings and all gaskets?
    also can these be easily reassembled? or is there some amount of shimming or aligning to be done?

    if not, anyone know how much a rebuilt supercharger will cost? or is there an alternative supercharger that can be bolted on?
    I'm pretty good with automotive mechanics (bikes and cars) but watercraft are new to me!
    I'm in the Philippines, but usually in Australia so an aussie contact may be an advantage...

    thanks so much guys!

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    Sorry Only option is a new sc then sell the ski and buy a 300/310

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    can be done but at a bigger cost than a new charger is now

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