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    Help me out with a impellor choice

    Hi guys
    PLanning ahead so this conversion goes as smooth as possible.
    Going to fit a 215 SD setup into a 02 SUV for offshore fishing.
    Ive been reading and reading, but cant find a definite as to pump/prop combo
    I'm assuming the same applies to the SUV as it's basically a big fat GPRXP

    Doesnt have to be a drag boat but needs to perform well.
    Std pump with??? prop or if switching to a HO pump with X prop is going to be noticeably better, then I'll look that way.
    Most of any mods that will be done would be a 255 upgrade, but for now its going to be 215 on std charger and intercooler

    ANy insight and suggestions appreciated
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    Noone has any ideas or input????

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