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    Can it be done?? Seadoo GSX 4-tec?

    I got a complete hull of a 96 sea doo GSX 800. I was wondering if someone has placed a 4- tec engine in a GSX once? If so any pics, tips suggestions is appreciated.
    I think it will be a nice project to build one. Mabey even an Supercharged engine in this old school hull.

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    Tough fit. Exhaust and intake may really bulge sides to unusable foot wells. Youtube v6 gsx .

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    Ok it makes sense. But if they placed a V6 in one, I assume the 4 Tec shouldn't be a problem

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    That merc motor was narrow. Exhaust out back and intake on bottom. 4 tec is wide.. maybe fit. I dunno

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    did this go anywhere? I have a 99 gsxl , a p.o. addded a few mods. so interested in all types of builds of these

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    I had a 4 tec in a 1996 XP .. No room for external intercooler:

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    i read your thread after this 1. so its not possible? i plan to get started back on my skis. so this 99 gsxl already had sponsons, umi steering,fa's, and seems a few other mods. I was running upper 60s. pulled pump and both pump and prop was in bad shape. I have an aftermarket head to try , and have replaced the pump and prop

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