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Thread: GSXL white pipe

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    GSXL white pipe

    I read about using a white pipe from a 97.5 GSXL in "bens secret mods"
    my question is how much of a gain is this really going to give? and if so, by giving power on the top end, iam guessing you would want to get the limiter raised on your MPEM to take advantage of the increased power. And do you want to used the white manifold as well or are they all the same.
    Iam guessing its something special or we could all just port our stock black pipes out... Anyone have a white pipe that could chime in??

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    Sorry I just cant be bothered typing it all again. Have a look here

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    Right on!! Thanks SurfnTurf !

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    You wouldnt happen to know what the "Franco" ignition curve is across the rpm band would you.... I might have access to a programmer and wouldnt mind plugn something in as I am contemplating a coffman/twin pipes later down the road and would like to make sure iam doing everything right. ( like retarding the curve a bit past 7000rpm) as well as raising the rev limiter

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    another thing i noticed, is there is a physical difference between the two head pipes....
    where the flat spot is on the regular pipes there is hardly any flat spot on the 97.5 white pipe (better flow)

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    The gains on the 97.5 pipe are in the exhaust manifold and the head pipe flow as it is less restrictive and the exit diameter of the exhaust manifold is 2mm larger and matches the white pipe exactly.The mounting bolt is a different diameter 8 mm( I think) on the front of the engine bracket.Usually we gain about 150-200 revs if we tweak the prop at the same time

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