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    Gasoline quality in poor foreign countries

    To avoid missunderstandings between US AON (RON+MOZ:2=AON) and europ ROZ(RON)
    I will not mention this numbers.

    My question is more for general-purpose of what you think about the Liqui Moly additives,
    and what their support told me. Maybe suggest me other products.

    In the next summer I am in vacation at Croatia /Mediterranean Sea.
    Croatia have their own gasoline refinery and brand and it is strictly forbidden
    to take gasoline any value with you over the boarder.
    The quality is sometimes local from time to time very poor.
    You cannot trust what they are selling to you especially foreign vacationers.
    (Sorry for the prejudices, but it is also my personal experiences).

    So I ask the LiquiMoly sales support, what can I do to save my high tech Jetski motor.

    They told me to use both products (at the same time) in Croatia
    Speed Tec Petrol
    SPEED Petrol Additive

    What do you think?

    I have a AFR Gauge and the Datalogger permanent installed in my Ski.
    What possibilities I have with the Datalogger to recognize poor gasoline,
    so I have to spare the trigger a little bit to save my engine.

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    the vtech logger does not show the knock level (noise) and it should
    so you have to keep a eye on the timing to see if the ecu is cutting (retarding) timing
    if the ecu hears "knock" (detonation) it cuts timing. the logger calls "basic ignition angle" the normal timing value
    and the " ignition angle " is the actual timing the ecu is using
    so when you see the ignition angle is lower than the basic angle the ecu is retarding the timing for some reason
    it may not be knock, it could be other factors like heat from IAT or engine, exhaust temps

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