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    Ramp / tiny dock - to explore some islands

    Hi everyone. There are a few tiny islands I'd like to explore with my Seadoo. They are small and there's no place to beach. I could drop an anchor onto a rocky bottom, but I'm wondering if there's another way. It is likely I'll head back there again and again to explore and hang out.

    Any thoughts on making a small wooden (or other) tiny dock / ramp I could build and float out to the island to moor the ski from?

    I've thought about something like this - but maybe a tiny long dock to tie-off on would be good and I won't have to get in the water at all.


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    Get a 12 Volt air pump and one of these:

    Then you can anchor.

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    You sure the island isn't owned by someone or the government? I'd check that closely before building anything on the island...

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