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    RXX MPEM with single pipe

    Just curious, if I used an RXX MPEM on my single piped stage I xpl, (cut head, jet kit, ect..) would there be any benefits with it?even though the timing curve is set up for the twin pipes? or would it be worse off then the stock MPEM timing curve set for a single pipe??

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    The RXX curve is rather Gay as far as ignition curves go.It is steeper and more advanced than a standard 947 curve but you will get more gains from a Franco curve or Team Deans curve.The RXX MPEM will have a higher rev limiter but your prop and single OEM pipe will be the limiting factor and you wont even get close to bumping the limiter

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    great question! I would forum search Bens secret mods and use his info for some great cheap mods.

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