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Thread: Yamaha Fx160 HO

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    Yamaha Fx160 HO

    I have a standard Yamaha Fx160, 2006 .
    I change now the impeller for a Solas 14/20 and oem housing.
    What you suggestt to boost more speed?
    How many speed will increase?
    thank you

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    There isnt going to be much to do to make that ski faster. Since its a NA ski, there isnt much aftermarket support for it. You can usually free some RPMs up with a new R&D reusable air filter. Other then doing a proper valve job to tighten up the tolerances, that skis engine is ALMOST as maxed out as it can be.

    I would strongly suggest an R&d intake grate, jims ride plate, and aftermarket sponson, Youll gain speed in rough waters and have better handling at higher and slower speeds. Open some vents under the cowling for more air and then adding a bilge and a float switch wired directly to the battery.

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