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    2008 vx cruiser help

    Hello all, I have recently entered the world of the 4 stroke. I just acquired a 2008 vx cruiser in which I think is a hurricane sandy Victim. The motor appears to be locked and I am planning to remove the motor to find out if it got salt water internallY. I do believe it did, everything powers up and starter relay clicks but motor doesn't budge and the pump is not locked up. I am looking for a manual and prob going to be looking for motor. The ski is in great shape and only has 114 hours on it so I would like to resurrect it lol. Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    Hopefully you didn't pay much for it, since in that condition it is only worth the value of the hull. If salt water has been sitting in the engine for years you will definitely have a major project. SBT sells refurbished engines for around $2000, but you must exchange an intact core. I'd pull the engine and get it apart, and see how much damage you have. Maybe you will get lucky, and can repair it. Once you get it apart and note the damage, it will be easier to give advice.

    With good running VX skis selling for $4500 it is hard to come out ahead on a water damaged ski, regardless of the hours.

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    I bought the ski right and didn't spend a lot at all so I think it will be worth it to take the motor apart and see what is going on. I am a 2 stroke guy all the way my favorite being my gp1200. I like the looks of the vx hull and just seems to be a great all around ski.

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