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    waveraider 1100 blowing crank seals

    I have a 96 waveraider 1100 I got cheap. Had a blown crank seal so I replaced all 3 seals with oem. Used Yama bond on case. Tq. to to spec in sequence linedbip bearing pins.used marine grease on i.d. and replaced reeds(one was cracked I assume due to backfiring but replaced them all ) Did leak down that was good and compression was 105 on all 3 (harbor freight gauge so not sure how accurate) everything seems fine. Started it up ran about 10 to 15 sec but no backfiring! Then cut off on its own. About another 10 seconds I heard a pop. Looked and it popped the rear main AGAIN.. I did discover a dirt dovers nest had clogged up the pee hole the tube from the top of the exhaust exits too but this wasn't in water so I would think exhaust would still just exit the back? I would like to think that's my problem but I don't want to keep replacing seals and can't wrap my mind around how if exhaust is open to atmosphere..other than a minuet gas leak at the base of one carb is the only other issue I found. The woodruff key was fine also. Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm stumped.

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    Nobody has any ideas?

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    The 1100 was notorious for blowing seals. If the grooves in the cases are straight, use some 1211 on the outer part of the seal to "glue" it to the case. They really should have 1211 on the outer area anyway, makes for a super tight motor.

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    I used Yama bond around the outside of the seal. But isn't something wrong for it to pop out about 10 to 15 seconds after the engine cut off? I think that's why the pop was so loud it was breaking the Yama bond. I don't believe the crankcase should have that much pressure?

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    the crank could possibly be out of phase or bent. Could be interfering with the timing

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    I hope not. I think I'm going to sell this one and the double tralier and just keep the other

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    Which way round did you fit the seals? The manual I've got shows the crank pto seals installed wrong with the tabbed seal on the inside. You'd think this was right with the tabs spacing the seals apart. Mine blew out after 10 hours on a rebuild.
    The seal with the tabs goes on the outside nearest the coupler, tabs facing out.

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