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    Have 2014 VX Deluxe - Considering 14 FX SVHO - Performance on Rough Waters?

    I bought a 2014 Yamaha VX Deluxe last year as my first new ride. I have found that in my area finding areas without chop are rare and that I also enjoy long rides to places that involve a few hours on Bay waters (usually 1.5 to 3.5 foot swells). The VX Deluxe is obviously lighter than the FX SVHO but it also has no trim control. How much of a difference will this heavier, longer waverunner along with the addition of trim control have on my ability to take on the rough waters without feeling like I was run over by a tank the next day? LOL I actually don't mind the soreness but I'd like to be able to handle rough waters better..

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    Trade for Kawi310 king of the ruff.

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    3.5ft you'll get beat up with anything.. They do pretty well though

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    Quote Originally Posted by VXRslayer21 View Post
    Trade for Kawi310 king of the ruff.

    LOL, Pass... need to stick with Yamaha..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmfmk3 View Post
    3.5ft you'll get beat up with anything.. They do pretty well though

    So, in terms of how much better than a VX Deluxe with ZERO trim control I should a lot happier, right?

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    I certainly use trim to set up for rougher waters, and it makes a difference. I can usually hammer thru bad lake chop while still sitting and taking one hand off to wave at those I'm passing...

    Interestingly, I've had a few testosterone runs with late model 300/310 Ultra's, and while they are a tough prey, the place I can edge ahead is mostly in the rougher water... go figure....

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    You will like that FX SVHO a lot better. It's not just the trim, it's the entire hull design that makes the difference. You're going from somewhat entry level to more of a flagship high performance model.

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    You may be impressed enough to go just plain ol' FX HO. There's a pretty significant power increase as the engine is nearly double the size.

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    Thanks All! I guess I'm going to go for it...

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    Good idea. I agree with the others, although if you can spring for the '15 with the 46 lbs. lighter hull, electronic trim and Ride brake that would be a sick setup.

    My '14 is great in lake chop. It is a big boat with a solid feeling and the hull is amazing.

    Comparing the FX to a VX is like comparing an off-shore cigarette boat to an 18' bow-rider ski boat.

    Let us know how it goes!

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