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Thread: 64x carb help

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    64x carb help

    Im having trouble setting my carbs. I have a Yamaha 760 I read else where they are not supposed to be set the same as the two cylinders fire differently. Can anyone tell me what they are supposed to be set to. I've been having this issue that at wot it almost bogs down theres a kind of popping noise sounds like running rich. However it sometimes about 30 seconds after hitting wot it will take off and run beautiful for about 30 seconds before choking down again. I did a pressure test both cyclinders about 140-145 so pressure is good. Carbs were recently rebuilt so I know the adjustment is probably bad I matched them to its twin but haven't solved the problem. Its easy to tell the engine isn't running at full potential.

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    when I say choking down it still runs and goes pretty fast but it doesn't run like it did for that 30 seconds after wot its a dirty run like its struggling.

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    The 64x carbs should have a 135 main in the mag side carb, and a 137.5 main in the pto carb. Also should have the gold 115 gram spring in each carb. Settings as follows: low speed screw 1 3/4 turns both carbs, high speed screw 1/2 turn both carbs. I use only one f/a screen instead of the sandwiched 3 from the factory, so I set my high speed screws to 3/4 turn on both carbs. I run these settings on 2 venture 760's and a raider 760. All run perfect with these settings.

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