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    2014 310x vs RXTX 260 - ride, perfomance, etc

    Hi Guys,
    I am looking to get an extra water craft, and I have been offered what appear to be a great deal on a new 2014 Ultra 310x.

    I currently have a 2012 RXTX 260 (which I love) and just order a Spark. I will be selling my boat this summer, and purchasing yet another PWC, so the family can go touring together.

    I would appreciate so honest feedback from people with real experience (not speculation) on how the Ultra 310x compares to Seadoo (it appears to blow it away on the HP).

    I have always loved the Kawasaki bikes. Its a great brand.


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    I have raced a T-X a few times on my 300. Stock speed limited form, I got a good 3 lengths on him out of the hole. After a while, he would slowly start to gain on me. He said his t-x topped out at 69 and these ultras are held at 67.

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    I have ridden an RXTX 260 and I have the 2014 310X. Of the 2, the 310 is super quick out of the hole. 310 to me feels more stable and planted, a more confidence inspiring hull. My recollection is that the RXTX was very thirsty, and seems to use more fuel than the 310. 310 holds about 6 more gallons of fuel.

    If you love the RXTX 260 you certainly have an appetite for performance, and the 310X won't disappoint in this area either.

    From a practical standpoint, I do like the 310X's supercharger set up better. The only real exposure here is if the Belt breaks. And they don't break very often. Members here get easily 100 hours or more on a Belt. A supercharger issue on the RXTX 260 can be more serious as the unit is part of the engine.

    My vote is for the 310X. JB

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    If you a ruff water rider and don't really get into modifying your ski much the ultra is probably for you.

    Common sense will tell you that the ultra has 50 extra horsepower to get you to around the same top speed. So I would guess the ultra will use more fuel.

    Sea doo will have a lot more mods avaliable to you if your into that.

    Both skis will give you lots of fun but picking the ski that suits your riding style will make you happiest.

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    I have both skis sitting in my garage right now. I can tell you for a fact that the fzr sucks ass in the rough water. But it's my go fast ski. The kawi on the other hand is a very powerful ski for stock and handles the waves like no other. When I'm riding the kawi I look for rough water because it does it so damn well. Stock for stock I raced a 2015 seadoo rxtx 260 in the chop and it wasn't even a race kawi just stayed hook up and pulled away.
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    Id say if you ride anything other than lakes / or flat water get the ultra .. Seadoo felt "squirmy" in the bay compared to the ultra I was riding. Just my opinion though.. Something about the ultra makes you feel more confident. Maybe the extra weight that plants it down. ?

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    Look guys, I am getting really sick of having to delete the same people's posts over and over again for the same reasons. I will be addressing this privately with the individuals that I get reported posts about frequently. You know who you are, so feel free to go back and remove your posts to make it easier for me or I will do it anyways.

    In the future stop starting, participating, or encouraging pissing contests, it achieves nothing and always leaves the thread smelling like asparagus.

    There is nothing wrong with comparing the merits, issues, or problems of the skis. Each brand has their excellent features. If I could do a clean sheet design of a SOS Motosports ski it would have an ultra hull, pump, fuel tank, and supercharger, a yamaha 1.8 bottom end, seadoo electronics, gauges, and sponsons, and a MSX top deck.

    Rehashing the same shit over and over again adds nothing to the conversation.

    Here are the hard numbers.


    Kawasaki Ultra 310R
    310 HP
    16.8 PSI Boost
    1890 lbs of thrust
    1047.4 LBS weight (Full wet weight)
    Fuel capacity on the 300X is 20.6 gallons, so that's 127 lbs (assuming 6.175 lbs/gal) + let's say about 10 pounds for oil = 137 lbs total, therefore the dry weight would be about 882 lbs
    20.6 Gallon Fuel Capacity
    160mm Pump
    Electronically Limited

    Yamaha FX SVHO (Or other SVHO's)
    ~260 HP
    8.0 P.S.I. Boost
    _____ Thrust
    873 LBS weight (Total dry weight)
    18.5 Gallon Fuel Capacity
    155mm Pump with 160mm wear ring and prop
    Electronically Limited

    Seadoo RXP-X/RXT-X
    260 HP
    10-10.5 PSI Boost
    _____ Thrust
    812 LBS weight (Total dry weight)
    15.9 Gallon Fuel Capacity
    159mm Pump
    GPS limited

    In the future guys, don't pick at eachother just leave it be. I have gotten a lot of flak from members complaining on both sides of the issue here claiming that I moderate too much or not enough. I try to let yall be responsible for the mood in the section but it gets out of hand and I have to drop the hammer on posts like this. This thread has been reported a few times already and I will be wiping it up.

    Last edited by smokeysevin; 04-01-2015 at 11:05 AM.

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    On a note that is about the topic, I've ridden both skis. And it's all about what you want in a ski. The 310 is a huge feeling ski to me, kinda like my old honda aquatrax. The Seadoo feels lighter and nimble... The 310 is like getting shot out of a gun and then proceeds to hit the 68mph mark. It has a ton of cool features and with the stereo system is pretty sweet as well. The Seadoo, well it's like all the seadoos I've had. Comes out of the water extremely well too. It's a smaller feeling ski. It's really a personal preference at this point. Which one you like better. When your spending the 12-15k range, they don't really change all that much.

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    ...oh and Sean, the SVHO is approx 8psi of boost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    ...oh and Sean, the SVHO is approx 8psi of boost.
    Wrong again

    last time i seen my mate STOCK SVHO boost on his external guage it weas 12psi factory setting

    they were 8 then they upped it by approx 60%

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