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Thread: Pro 785 parts

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    Pro 785 parts

    Have a bunch of stuff out of a Pro 785 that I am using for a conversion.

    3 stock pipes
    3 manifolds
    water collector
    3-1 converter pipe
    full elecs
    trim motor
    starter motor
    cases (front hole has some scoring from where a bearing went, they are usable, but not perfect)
    Stock head (front dome has pitting)
    stock prop
    mis. bolts, etc.

    Really just want it gone. $300 sound fair for it all? Can deliver to Wavedaze in a couple of weeks. Stuff is located in Virginia.


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    You have mail.

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    Do you still have parts from Pro 785 if so looking for MFD 8 pin Oval not sure which one the Pro 785 had.. Thanks..

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