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    Anyone with cracks in the Nano hull on an FX post 2011?

    Just curious if anyone else has seen cracks appear towards the front of the hull on either side on the upper chine?

    I first noticed a crack by the bolt hole below my hood (think this has been documented on here) which suggest the hull was flexing and soon after I suffered server delaminaton on one side of the ski in front of the fuel tank area about 1" back from the lead edge of the upper chine. The opposite side of the ski had started to craze crack in the same area.

    I will post pictures up soon, but in short the ski could not be repaired as they failed and hull had to be replaced.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the area where the cracks/delamination started, just infront of the inner bulk head area.
    The pictures below are either side of the craft when it first failed.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    The ski was a 2013 FXHO that had covered just over 40hrs when I had the failure, I ride in the sea and am not a wave jumping fan, however I will push the craft hard through the chop.

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    Many cases of failed NanoXcel hulls have been documented in this forum over the years, my '09 FZS included. The hull simply flexes too much and eventually cracks. When you say "they replaced the hull" do you mean Yamaha replaced the entire hull and it cracked again?

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    I could find no other FX crack like mine on the web, hence I have asked the question here and maybe people will go and take a closer look.
    I had 2 repairs which both failed first time out and Yam replaced the ski.

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    It's very, very rare and your problem is the roller style trailer.
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    Its extremely rare, despite what the Nano hater will post. plenty of people have had impact damage from either hitting something or by improper beaching of the ski, but damage from use on the water is very extremely rare.

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    That's why I ask, the cracks are very small at first and unless you know where you are looking i think you might no notice.

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    There is already a lengthy thread about this that points out several reasons why this has happened on a few, rare occasions.

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    I read through this ages ago, and yes delamination/failure of the hull happens but in different area's and reasons.

    My ski has never been on a dock and the cracks are upfront, not on the keel or back at the sponsons. This is like the nose of the ski is flexing on the bulkhead infront of the tank, and then stress cracking like a smiley face around the hull. I have seen many FX's with the black plastics crack near the filler cap lower fixing bolt hole which mine did shortly before the lower hull cracks.

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