It is not always that you can give a company a rating of 10 on Customer service. When that happens they need to be lifted up for other people to see what customer service and standing behind a product is.,

Now the story about 8 years ago I bought a pair of leupold Binoculars. The price was more than I wanted to spend but felt that why not. Well after bouncing around in a atv and hunting with them for this time things started not working. One eyepiece didn't adjust the focus was stiff they wouldn't spread out when the wife wanted to use them. Oh and the lens caps were in the woods somewhere in Kansas.
Got in touch with leupold and sent them back for repair expecting to pay for the fix if they could be fixed. Got an email and post card to expect 10 to 24 days before I hear how much it will cost. Well the answer came yesterday UPS dropped a box with a brand new pair of binoculars with a case and new style lense caps. Soo am i happy you bet. When they say lifetime they mean lifetime. Great binoculars and great company.