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    99 gp 800 issues

    Just picked up a 99 gp 800 and it has a intermittent problem with fuel or something. Once in awhile as you are riding nwot it loses power .If you let of and re accelerate it picks back up. It does it sometimes out of the hole also. It has new plugs. I have flushed the carbs with sea foam and nothing came out in inline filter. Filter was been cleaned. Any advice would great. Thanks

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    It sounds like it may be getting lean at full throttle. I would rebuild the carbs. You most likely have a check valve that is creased and allowing fuel to seap out of the high speed fuel chamber. It is due for a carb rebuild anyway, even if this does not fix your problem.

    The only other thing I can think of is the powervalves may not be functioning properly.

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