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    TTO tach settings for 1300r?

    I'm having an issue with my tach. It reads right at idle and revving on the trailer, but on load it only shows a max of around 5000 rpms.

    PPR: 2.0
    Sensitivity: High
    Speed/Filter: Fast

    pickup wire is about 2in from the coil.

    What settings have the best success?

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    Ive never got my tto tach to read correctly. Its always gave me grief. I tried every setting aswell

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    If you've tried the different settings, I would call them directly. I use to use a Tiny Tach early worked, but was not as consistent as I wanted. The Tiny Tach only updates the rpm every 1/2 a second (twice a second) which will work ok but can lead to false readings if you're not careful holding the throttle long enough. The PET 2100 tach updates 20 times a second which is much faster and accurate. While there are some on here using a Tiny Tach, I'd say 90%+ of the really fast guys are using a PET tach. Some tachs just won't work on the 3cyl GPR, or stop reading after a certain rpm because the tach hardware is not fast reading enough. I'd call them and if you can't get it to work I'd look to PET tach.

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    For $160 shipped I can get 10 times a second and datalogging. I think it's the route I'm going to go.

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    Used Tiny Tach on everything from 2 cycle gas boats to skis with zero issues.On the GPR only way I could get a good reading was wrapping the read wire around all 3 wires at the electrical box and using the 360 setting worked fine after that.

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