I just finished repairing a 1997 montego deluxe. There was a problem with the floating bearing and the driveshaft.

The parts were outrageously expensive. The old style spline at each end driveshaft was discontinued for a new shaft that threads into a dampened rubber coupler ( $150).

The break came in the 96-97 model year

With some though, I was able to install A Seadoo GTX two stroke boot, carbone ring and stainless hat to the ski and bring the job in for about half.

The only tricky bit was figuring out exactly where to cut a groove in the shark driveshaft to take a clip to keep the pressure on the carbone seal.

It CAN be done. pretty much a straight bolt up...of course it has to hold up for a bit of a tank run.

Nice fix, just the way I like em.

As the splines at the engine end are damaged, the customer as advised not to jump any wakes so the thing can hold together for a couple of seasons of casual riding.

The ski..well it was way too mint condition to part out, and the cost of a official tigershark kit would have pushed the repair close to the book value of the ski.

Shame the tigersharks didn't last. The Suzuki marine engines were good..but they way they used em in the sharks..no so much. I mean pull an engine to change a bendix?..really?