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    Yamaha SUV Conversion Questions

    Hi, guys! New guy here but I've done a ton of reading this the project. So over the past few months I have accumulated the pieces to this puzzle and I am getting ready to start the conversion using a "how to" guide from a guy who goes by "handyman" ( I am at a crossroad before I start cutting and was wondering if I could get some feed back from guys that have done the conversion. I am planing to use a 02 FX140 jet pump in the SUV but someone indicated to me that it might cause some negative handling characteristics such as porpoising and trouble getting up on plane. Has anyone had this problem? Also I know I'll need 2 in cable extensions, anyone know of a place that sells them? I would really appreciate any feedback and I'll be documenting and posting my build here shortly!

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    I still have the threaded rod to make the extensions . just need someone to make you a coupler.

    I had the 140 pump in mine and it would work fine as long as you use the impeller as well. I miss-matched the HO impeller to the FX pump.. no good on that front. You can look at my blog as it has some info in that realm.. lessons learned.

    You can also use Handymans approach and just move the 4 engine mounts forward to use the SUV propulsion train and not have to add the 2" extension.. that's what I'd do next time.

    I've had no porposing or handling issues
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    I'm using the HO pump with the extension housing in mine and have no handling problems. I used the original rear mount locations and used the FX intermediate shaft. Moving the engine forward and using the SUV intermediate shaft would have made the oil fill and rear engine access in general a lot more convenient, but I'm glad I did mine the way I did. It's nose-heavy as it is and sliding the engine forward a couple more inches probably wouldn't have helped any.

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