A couple of weeks ago I bought an EMM and matching injectors for a Virage I (800) for $250. I found the listing on ebay, and the seller wanted to complete the transaction outside of ebay to save from the fees. I totally understand that, as ebay has gotten pretty damn greedy the last few years, and their fees are crazy.

Anyway I checked out his feedback and it was good, and when I got his email I found he had a profile here under the same name as his email "Ninetok" - and has/had a Polaris watercraft. Figured he would be a decent guy to deal with, seemed to know his stuff, and claimed the EMM had been reworked by DFI.

When I got the package, one of the injectors was broken. Probably happened in shipping. The plastic all around the electrical connector was broken making it unuseable. The label on the side of the EMM was obviously peeled off at some point and reattached with clear tape. I immediately took the EMM out to my ski and hooked it up with Digital Wrench and was shocked to see that this EMM was actually from a 2000 Genesis (Which he talks about on this forum), and neither of the injectors matched what was in the EMM, in fact the EMM had matching data for both injectors for 3 out of the 4 fields.
Ok pissed I was, and now questioned the DFI repair. Looked under the cover and the "goo" had been removed over the top of the CPU, put back, and duct tape covered it. WTH?! NOT a DFI job that I have ever seen, and I have sent them 3 over the years.

Tried to email the guy twice and got no reply in 2 days. He was obviously ignoring me. First admission of guilt on his part. I then opened a dispute case with Paypal and the guy said breakage in shipping is not his responsibility (according to Paypal it is), and that he sent me an EMM and matched injectors from a Virage 800. He immediately escalated the dispute to a claim giving me no chance to rebuttal his statements.
Luckily for me Paypal sided on my side, and I shipped the parts back to him. Hopefully the rest of this story ends well for me, but I wanted to let everyone know about this guy. He sold me some crap parts, apparently thinking I wouldn't know as most folks don't have DW or PODIAG to verify.
His name is Kenneth Ruffin, NINETOK on here, and SurplusRifleCollector on ebay. Now he has not been on this site since 2013, but if you run across this guy or someone from Linden / Wendell NC then be wary, as you may not get what you thought you were getting.

Here is the original ad, pretty cut and dry I thought. - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polaris-Virage-800-EMM-Injectors-/191539325251?pt=Personal_Watercraft_Parts&hash=ite m2c98a22943&vxp=mtr