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    2005 GP800r Question. 2

    I have 2 questions. I picked up my first PWC last night. Got a 2005 GP800r. Looks to be in really good shape. My first question is... I think its the speed sensor but on the bottom left in the rear of the WR is a little wheel that spins that seems to read you MPH. Well, that thing has gone down to nothing and the little paddles of the wheel aren't grabbing water so I am getting incorrect readings on my speedometer. What is that wheel called? I want to replace it before I replace the whole speedsensor thing.

    Second question is... what inexpensive things can I do to make it better/last longer right away? Should I do the oil injection block off kit and pre mix my gas? Should I get waveeater clips? Anything you can recommend please.

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    There is nothing accurate about the factory speedo it's only there for show. Waste of time and money to bother fixing it. You can install this GPS module to give true and accurate speed:

    I personally love oil injection and just make sure the hoses are on tight and secure with no cracks, etc.

    Waveeater clips are a must. What does it read for compression?

    The same hull mods apply for that ski and a GP1200r/GP1300r. Have fun reading!

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