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    1995 sl750 fuel delivery issue

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here.
    I have a pair of 1995 sl 750 skis that I picked up last spring.
    they ran great all summer until the very end. One if the skis was running great and at full throttle when out of nowhere it just bogged down. Finally got it to restart and limped all the way back to the marina (roughly 4 miles)
    sounded like it was down a cylinder.
    I checked my fuel lines for clogs and there was nothing
    as it turns out both of my skis look to have been outfitted with the pentagon fuel pumps
    from the 780 skis.
    can anyone tell me why this might have been done?
    also is there a fuse for the fuel sending unit? If so where is it?
    i took apart the fuel pump and the diaphragms looked fine.
    but thinking I should rebuild that while it's apart.
    any help would be appreciated.
    I'm almost certain this is a fuel issue because the engine will start on a little mixed gas poured into the carbs.

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    Fuel system maintenance is critical on these engines. Please click on and read my signature links for common maintenance issues with the blue Fuji engines.

    It is common to upgrade the fuel pump to the 'three outlet' fuel pump version. This improves fuel delivery, especially compared to a many years old original single outlet fuel pump.

    If these were my watercraft I would begin with a careful assement of each, identifying the things that may have been overlooked or never done in prior servicing. Then make a plan to do all the recommended maintenance, whether it be new fuel hoses, a new fuel selector valve, trimmed spark plug ignition wires, etc.

    Be sure to do a cylinder compression check on both engines. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open, strong battery. Use a screw-in compression gauge that you know to be accurate.

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    I have all parts you need in stock.

    Fuel select, fuel line by the foot, triple outlet pump upgrade kits, and/or 780 fuel pump rebuild kits, carb rebuild kits.

    DO everything, front to back. Check the tank pick ups, fuel filters, Fuel tank filler neck, and cap, etc. Also search on doing a leak down test. K447 has all the tech info you need.

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