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    Oil Quantity Amount

    Each time I checked my oil before and after each ride, the dipstick would indicate close to the full mark on the dipstick. Some have suggested the oil should not exceed half on the dipstick. When I changed my oil on my 2014 X-T (10 hours), I manage to pull out a 3.7L (3.5 QTS) of oil . After replenishing the oil, I tried not to put as before, since the oil change kit only came with the 4 QT container. Currently the dipstick is indicating 3/4 full. Should I drain it down to the half way mark? If I leave the way it is, will I see any performance problems? When I was riding during the first 10 hours, the engine was running fine, but then again, this is my first ski and I wouldn't know if the ski was lacking power or not.

    Also, my owners manual states the first oil change should done at 50 hrs or 6 months? The shop manual says 25 hrs, where did the 10 hr come from and why?
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    I have a very hard time getting an accurate oil level reading on my RXT. According to the owners and service manual, the engine should be warm and the level checked 30 seconds after the engine is shut down. I take at least 2 readings to make sure I'm getting an accurate reading. I think an oil change at 10 hours is excessive but everybody has a different opinion. I think a 50 hour interval is fine as long as the level is maintained. It is also recommended to keep the level below the 1/2 mark on the dipstick.

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    The oil level can be anywhere between the marks on the dipstick and that is acceptable. (just like the crosshatch marks on a car dipstick) Near the top is best, as you have more oil, and the oil will not run as hot as if the level is low.

    If you over fill, that may cause problems.
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