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    aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator Install 2012 RXPX

    Hey, I'm installing a Fuel Pressure Regulator and see in the manual that you should replace the tank seal. I didn't plan on that and don't have one. The reason I even checked the manual is I saw the original one had a couple of "folded" places on the inner/center sealing ring or flap.
    Any opinions?

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    That seal is tricky to keep flat and fit properly. If it was ok you can re-use, but as it's been folded, I would replace it. You really don't want any leaks there. Take care when you fit the new one.

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    Thanks Tornado34 for that reply. I am leaving the dealer with one now. Any tricks on installing it. Obviously the factory missed it for it to be folded.
    thanks for the help!

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    Hold the pump module down on the gasket while you screw the plastic retaining nut on. This way the gasket stays seated and does not get caught up and fold over.

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