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    New Rxp Needs Engine

    So hes the story. i just picked up a 07 rxp supercharged. i got it for 500 dollars, the guy i got it from said it has 40 hours on it and just had the supercharger gone though and replaced the washers. He had his mechanic look at it and told him it needed a new engine. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but what would be the best route to go. Should i try to rebuild the block i have or get a replacement engine. Any Info will help. Thanks

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    rebuild............GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

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    That's a reallllly good deal. I would pay that everyday. You can't go wrong, depending on what's wrong rebuild or find someone with a motor

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    It depends on what and how much damage is involved......did they say what the problem was??

    I just picked up a 03 Gtx for $1000 bucks with a dropped situation is unique in the fact the reason for the dropped valve was he had the head milled to far and the intake valves wound up making contact with the pistons and broke one of them......By some weird grace of jesus it only cracked the piston and wedged said valve up in the head......No damage to the block crank or rod just a new piston and a used head off ebay....Plus Bolts gaskets etc.........all in all I have about 950 in parts to fix it.......The body and seat are in mint condition......But it could have been WAAAAAYYYY worse.

    I have No Block repair resource here so thats usually my determining factor......If the Block is trashed......Crate motor it is.

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