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    Fuel Range

    Hi New to the forum so if this has been covered elsewhere I apologise in advance. What sort of fuel range/hours are people getting out of their FX HO's?

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    Welcome to the Forum.....

    Pretty much looking at 100 miles give or take ...

    WOT the whole would be less...35-45 mph should get you to 100 miles

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    This site might give you some info by various model and years. You need to log in for full rpm, speed, mph, gph, range stats.

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    Thanks Guys, 100 miles seems about the average...

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    +1 on the 100 mile range on the FX HO. But keep in mind, 100 miles is probably using all 18.5 gallons of fuel. To be safe, you'd want to plan refueling stops.

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    I also get about 100 miles when riding at about 40mph. Any WOT runs and that number decreases.

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    Thanks all for your replies...
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